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For information about the Brotherhood of Thieves' Enraged state, please see Enraged

Rage is a state in which a player can deal much more damage than usual, but at the cost of defense.

One gains Rage whenever a monster scores a Critical Hit and inflicts wounds against him. The amount of rage a character has can be seen as the red ring in the experience reticule in the top left corner of the screen, or as the red bar in the Character Window.
When a player's rage reaches 100%, he enters rage mode automatically.

When a player enters rage mode, the experience reticule will change from a grey/blue circle to a flame with the word "Rage" inside. The amount of Rage that player has will begin to rapidly decrease until it reaches 0.00%, at which point Rage mode will end.

Berserk Mode[]

When a player is in rage mode, they can choose to activate Berserk Mode, which allows the player to deal massive amounts of damage, but at the same time, greatly reduces his defense.
When in Berserk Mode, the player is surrounded by a red glow, and his Rage decreases much more rapidly.
Berserk Mode can be activated by double-clicking the experience reticule when in Rage Mode.