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Quest Info=== Regarding Your Heroic Accomplishment is an achievement quest. Once you reach a certain level for your character (in this case, Revolving Chakra 2 or level 42) you will receive this quest.

Accepting the Quest
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You are not required to kill any mobs or do any tasks. All that is needed is to go meet with a NPC who is offering a reward for your character's level achievement.

For White Clans, the NPC's name is drapery owner Li Yaozhen (in Zhengzhou). Look for the white exclamation marker on the ingame map.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Item description as follows:

Calling Epistles: Use this bead for instant transport to your friend, or to summon your friend to your location.

The drapery owner NPC also offers you a piece of wardrobe. Under GamersFirst management, this is a 3 day Bandit's Garb deco. However under Acclaim, it was a regular shirt (no time limit) with special attributes.

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