Quest Info=== Regarding Your Heroic Accomplishment is an achievement quest. Once you reach a certain level for your character (in this case, Revolving Chakra 2 or level 42) you will receive this quest.

Accepting the Quest
Heroic Accomplishment.jpg

You are not required to kill any mobs or do any tasks. All that is needed is to go meet with a NPC who is offering a reward for your character's level achievement.

For White Clans, the NPC's name is drapery owner Li Yaozhen (in Zhengzhou). Look for the white exclamation marker on the ingame map.


Item description as follows:

Calling Epistles: Use this bead for instant transport to your friend, or to summon your friend to your location.

The drapery owner NPC also offers you a piece of wardrobe. Under GamersFirst management, this is a 3 day Bandit's Garb deco. However under Acclaim, it was a regular shirt (no time limit) with special attributes.

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