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Rings are low-level accessories that can be placed in pockets to boost a players character. The 3 main ways of obtaining rings are by killing a select few bosses, opening Conqueror's Chests and by doing quests. Obviously one can always trade with another player and at low levels this may be the easiest way of getting them (as many bosses that drop rings are quite high level.)


There are 3 rings that one obtains over the course of the game by doing quests, they are the following:

Conqueror's Chests[]

The majority of rings are obtained by opening Conqueror's Chests with the correct key.

  • Copper Ring (Life +40, VE +5)
  • Silver Ring (Life +50, VE +10)
  • Frozen Sea Silver Ring (Life +90, VE +15)
  • Frozen Sea Tiger's-eye Ring (Life +100, VE +30)
  • Jade Ring (Critical dodge rate increased by 2/10000)


  • Ring of Blood Shadows (Strength +2, Defense +15)
  • Ring of White Shadows (Strength +2, Dodge +6)
    • Dropped by Knife of White Shadows and Heavenly Claw of White Shadows
  • Ring of Black Shadows (Wisdom +2, Defense +20)
    • Dropped by Blade of Black Shadows