9dragons Wiki

Attack Skills. These skills are used to kill mobs, or other players in Player vs Player areas. Select your target by left clicking it then attack by pressing a number key to which an active skill has been assigned. To assign a skill press C to display your attributes, and open the Kung Fu slot.  This shows your current list of skills.  Clicking on one will allow it to be dragged to the number slot of your choice. 

Skill Types.  Skills are physical or Chi Kung.  Physical skills involve hitting something, Chi Kung skills project force over a distance, to harm the enemy (like casting a spell, actually).  Some skills, such as healing, can be used on yourself, by pressing U, this makes you the target.  Targetting a player who is in a team with you is done by left clicking on their details in the team list.

Smashing.  A close-range heavy attack.

Finishing.  Another skill intended to demolish a nearly dead opponent.

Charged.   A skill whose full effect requires you to hold down its key for a few seconds.  A 'charge bar' will appear, and when full, the maximum damage is done by releasing the key.