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Spam is typing or macroing repetitive sentences, nonsense or unwanted/unappropiate content within online chat, E-mails or forums.

E-mail Spam[]

Spam received in Emails is usually an unlawful and unwanted form of online advertisements. The advertised object is usually of pornographic or sexual nature. Often Spam Emails are not real ads, rather messages containing a link. Clicking on links in such E-mails is not recomended, for the linked page may contain malicious or harmful software. Also clicking on such links might assure the sender of spam that your E-mail address is in use (spamable), which may result in more spam E-mails.



  • Spammer: bbeepepeffsl
  • Player1:Stop spamming!
  • Player2: Yeh stop it!
  • Spammer:alkjdfhalskjhf
  • Spammer:as;ldkjfasdlkj
  • Spammer:alskdfjaksjdh
  • Spammer:aalksdjf;lkd
  • Player1:I reproted u.
  • Spammer:a;ljdskflaskljd



Spam is highly disliked and may result in kick, suspension, or ban on temporary or permanent basis in most online boards.

E-mail Spam: Do not attempt to open E-mails or (links within them) from unknown or uncertain sender.