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Steps is a group of skills that provide a bonus to attack rate, dodge and movement speed (Greater clan steps only).

When activated, Steps will continuously use Vital Energy.


Depending on the clan, there are 3 or 4 Steps skills available.

In order of increasing effect:

  1. Basic clan steps (Wu Tang and Heavenly Demon do not have basic steps)
  2. Basic role steps (e.g. Storm Demon Steps)
  3. Greater role steps (e.g. Greater Storm Demon Steps)
  4. Advanced clan steps (e.g. World-shaking Steps)

The higher the number above, the greater the bonus given by that particular skill. Advanced clan steps are an exception to this rule, as the skill has the same bonus effect as Greater role steps, but uses less Vital Energy when active. It also increases movement speed by 2% at Cheng 10.

How to Acquire the Skill[]

Basic clan steps can be bought (for Clan Contribution points) from the General Skill Teacher in the clan area.

Wu Tang and Heavenly Demon do not have a Basic clan steps skill.


Basic and Greater role steps can be bought (for Clan Contribution points) from the Role Skill Teacher (Senior Role Name) in the clan area.

Prerequisites (Basic role meditation):

  • Picked a role

Prerequisites (Greater role meditation):

  • Basic role steps reached Cheng 8

Advanced clan steps can only be learned from a Tome, a random drop starting at Sun and Moon level.


  • For Wu Tang and Heavenly Demon: Be a member of that clan
  • For all other clans: Basic clan steps reached Cheng 10