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One of the most common issues reported to VGMs and GMs is that of players getting stuck in the environment. This can range from getting stuck in walls, doors, falling through the floor and in places your character shouldn't be able to access. While most players freak out when this happens there are some simple steps a player should take.


Commonly a crisis such as this can be fixed relatively simply. Click around in front of the character and try and make it move out from the spot it is stuck in. If this doesn't work, then hey, you are genuinely stuck.

Escape Command[]

A very useful command to know, typing ";escape" into the chatbox while in Peace Mode will open a pop-up message asking you if you wish to escape to the nearest town. If the player accepts, a loading bar with the message "escaping" appears and the player is unable to do anything until they either cancel the escape, or the escape finishes. Peace mode cannot be exited, the player cannot move, you cannot be attacked but the chatbox still functions. Upon conclusion of the escape procedure, the player's character will be instantly teleported to the nearest village where normal play can be resumed. 99.99% of cases can be fixed by typing this command.

Still Stuck?[]

If for some awful reason this command doesn't work, contact a VGM or GM immediately. Ensure that you have tried all possible avenues and explain to them that you tried the ;escape command and it didn't work (otherwise they will just tell you to type ;escape into the chatbox!)