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Tai Shan (lvl 1-17) is one of the starting, or 1st level maps in 9Dragons, and is home to the Brotherhood of Thieves.
It is a Black Clan map, and members of White Clans cannot enter.


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Points of Interest[]

Gubei Village[]

Gubei is the only village in Tai shan and is located in the northern-east side of the map right above the Brotherhood of Thieves headquarters. Here players can find NPCs that buy and sell goods and services as well as quest-related NPCs .


Below are the list of merchants.

Storagekeeper Lu Zhiliang
Lu Zhiliang is the storage keeper of Tai Shan and offers storage services. He is located on the northern side of the village between Discipleship Headmaster Yang Wuxi and Shopkeeper Mu Hejun. He is one of the few storagekeepers that offers both regular and quest storage. Here, players can add, use and cancel slots for a maximum of 80, in addition to the current 20 free quest slots per character.

"We have many guild storage sheds in every city. You can easily find one anywhere you travel. Storing and retrieving your belongings is quick and easy. Leave your valuable belongings here with confidence."

Blacksmith Yang Shouxiong
Yang Shouxiong is a blacksmith located on the northern-east corner of Gubei village. He sells every type of weapons used by every Black Clan. He can also repair equipment and combine weapons with ornaments. Players can repurchase recent items sold to NPCs from him.

"It's natural for a weapon to wear down with sue, especially if it's stolen, eh. You may have to make repairs from time to time. You've got money, right? I don't haggle"

Shopkeeper Mu Hejun
Tai Shan Shopkeeper Mu Hejun.png
Mu Hejun is a shoopkeeper located on the northern side of Gubei Village. He sells various goods including weapon ornaments and a combining tool. Players can repurchase recent items sold to NPCs from him.
Drapery Bai Qiuying
Bai Qiuying is the drapery owner situated on the northern side of the village and sells collectible clothes that can be used to make Man Dae's costumes. Her drapery does not sell bags. Players can repurchase from her recent items sold to NPCs.
Clinic Doctor Jialiang
Jialiang is the doctor located on the northern-east side of Gubei village, between the inn and the tavern. He sells herbs and medications that heal HP, external and internal wounds, as well as pills that strengthen either yin, yang, soul, or body resistance. He also sells level 1 elixirs for each attribute. Like in every clinic in the land, players can heal their external and internal wounds directly through this doctor. Players can repurchase from him recent items sold to NPCs.
Hermit Nameless Elder
Nameless elder sells buffs of different types called cavity presses on the northern side of the village. Some cavity presses are available for purchase for in-game gold whereas others are available for 9D Premium players only. Some of these premium presses can only be obtainable once per premium pass.
Tavern Lin Lan
Taishan Tavern NPC 2.png
Taishan Inn Shangguan Danfeng
Discipleship Headmaster Yang Wuxi