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This template can be used to save time when entered weapons.
The template automatically marks the article as out-of-date to show that the article is pre-Patch 63, because that patch changed most weapon stats.
When updating an article, simply switch to Template:Weapon63.

The format is as follows:
{{Weapon | Weapon Type | Min dmg | Max dmg | Balance | AR | Durability | Level | Requirement 1 | Requirement 2}}

For the picture to show, it must be uploaded with the exact same name as the page. eg. the image on Good Rising Dragon Axe is called Good_Rising_Dragon_Axe.jpg

For the requirements, do not enter the Attributes, just the values. The level should be spelled out (ie. Elemental Crown 5)

Bracers, gloves, and wheels are plural. All other weapons are singular.

Special Effects (stat bonuses, etc.) must be entered manually.

Please note that there should not be any spaces when entering parameters. eg. A weapon type of | Gloves | will generate a category of "Glove s", whereas a type of |Gloves| will generate a category of "Gloves".