General InfoEdit

Type: Roads to Enlightenment

Quest Giver: Townsfolk Xu Sanzhao, Wu-Tang Shan




Wu-Tang Shan



Part 1Edit

Talk to Xu Sanzhao. He will give you an Antiquated Book and ask you to give it to Hunter Ya Yun in Zhengzhou.
Walk to the exit to Zhengzhou and go through the gate.

Part 2Edit

Talk to Hunter Ya Yun. He will take the Antiquated Book and give you Ya Yun's Liquor Bottle in return.
Note: The area around Ya Yun is not safe. There are many Black Shadows members there. They are likely to attack you while talking to Ya Yun.

Return to the Clan Entrance gate. Select Wu-Tang Shan.

Part 3Edit

Return to Xu Sanzhao and talk to him.

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