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General Info[]

Type: Roads to Enlightenment

Quest Giver: Blue Sword of Wu-Tang Longfeng, Wu-Tang Shan



  • Join Wu-Tang
  • Epithet Wu-Tang Apprentice
  • Blue-gray Jacket
  • Nine Tail Thread, the Wu-Tang Clan Relic


Wu-Tang Shan.jpg


Part 1[]

Talk to Lon tell him that you want to join Wu-Tang. He will give you Qingfeng's Letter, which allows entrace to the clan base.

Part 2[]

Talk to Truist of Wu-Tang Juyun.

Part 3[]

Talk to Clan Leader Master Tianxing and talk to him.

Part 4[]

Return to Truist of Wu-Tang Juyun and talk to him. You will lose Qingfeng's Letter.