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Treatments are items that cure wounds.
They can be purchased from the Doctor is each town, but some can be found as drops in dungeons.
Treatments are used by right-clicking on them on your inventory screen. They can also be assigned to a slot on the quickslot bar.

Summary of Treatments[]

Name Cost Heal amount Heal Type
Staunching Herb 11 gold 20 External
Calendula 22 gold 50 External
Sterilized Water 66 gold 80 External
Golden Medicine 110 gold 100 External
Holy Revival Pill 132 gold 120 External
Water Herb (Dungeon Drop) 500 External
Red Herb 11 gold 20 Internal
Heavenly Herb 22 gold 50 Internal
Treatment Pill 66 gold 80 Internal
Pill of Revival 110 gold 100 Internal
Traditional Pill 132 gold 120 Internal
Pill of Survival (Dungeon Drop) 500 Internal