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Relic Summary[edit source]

Relic Type: Good Karma Relic
Level Requirement: Elemental Crown 1
Stat Requirement: 14 Constitution

Effects[edit source]

Strength + 6
Essence + 6
Critical Rate +100/10000

Background[edit | edit source]

The League of Beggars is a White clan originally founded by Yi Metalstaf. and is now ruled by Drunken Moon. It is often reffered to as 'The Endless Clan'.

Hu Shanshan, Founder of the Beggars Guild.

The clans kung fu centers around their barefist Drunken Monkey styles. as well as a variety of styles originating from things like dog-beating, street-performing, and other unconvential sources

The Beggars' headquarters are situated in Tianjin City, in Hubei Province

Joining[edit | edit source]

To join The League Of Beggars you first have to reach Cheng 4 of Losing Self. Once done, pick up a quest from Dan Shizong, who will tell you to talk to Fang You. After this, you must speak to the Elder of the Beggars, Bamboo master. He'll ask you to repeat the phrase 'Rice Is Everything'.

The epithet given as a reward for joining The League Of Beggars.

then you will be accepted into The Beggars Clan, and will be given a Beggar Jacket, a Gourd Dipper, and the epithet 'Beggar Apprentice'.

Roles[edit | edit source]

The classes in the Beggars clan are as follows:

  • Vanguard Beggars (Warrior type) (Specialize in: Staffs)
  • Dragon Beggars (Caster type) (Specialize in: Bracers)
  • Strategy Beggars (Healer type) (Specialize in: Fists)
  • Spirit Beggars (Hybrid type) (Specialaze in: Fists).
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