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General Info[]

Type: Roads to Enlightenment

Quest Giver: Doctor of Taishan Clinic Doctor Jialiang, Tai Shan

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  • Player Level: Unknown


  • After Part 2b or 4a
    • Recommendation
  • After Part 5
    • 20 Experience


Tai Shan.jpg


Part 1[]

Talk to Doctor Jialiang. He will will tell you how to get a Recommendation to enter the Brotherhood of Thieves.
For the next part, you can either go to Blacksmith of Taishan Smithy Yang Shouxiong or Shopkeeper of Taishan General Store Mu Hejun.

Part 2a[]

Talk to Yang Shouxiong. He wants you to bring 3 Wolf Skins for a letter of recommendation.

Part 3a[]

Defeat Wolf type mobs till you have collected 3 Wolf Skins:

  • Young Wolf
  • Wolf

Beware of the nearby Blood Wolves.

Part 4a[]

Return to Yang Shouxiong and talk to him. He will give you the letter of recommendation for the wolf skins.
Continue with #Part_5

Part 2b[]

Talk to Mu Hejun. He will demand 100 Gold for a letter of recommendation.
Talk to him again. He will take 100 Gold and give you the recommendation.
Continue with #Part_5

Part 5[]

Talk to Black Wind Guard Fierce Wolf. He will let you inside the base and tell you to see Deadly Tongue inside.

Part 6[]

You actually don't have to talk to Deadly Tongue. The quest will complete automatically after a few steps inside the base of the Brotherhood, and a short introduction sequence will play.