Hey[edit source]

Hi thanks for offering your help =D Im going on holiday tommorw and basicaly wont be back for a long time so if you could baby sit my page and add if you want to it to keep it alive it would be apriciated! =P So hi and thanks for the welcome and you can ignore the above if you want I just put it out there =) Gl and GG ReIentIess

Hi[edit source]

Hi margeman2k3 I will help you creationg and completing this wiki. For now I will creating patch page I already added some patches and written patch 74, if there is something wrong let me know.

Nice day, Jonpas

Patch[edit source]

Ok thanks to teelinng me for not to use full link and yes I am already working on patches, but tell me if they are ok becuse I didn't suse Issue fixes and that, I jsut copied text from 9dragons forum.

For now I am working on patches and I will update them when everytime there is new patch coming.

I am going to vacations on friday evening for 6 days, so I will be back in saturday, but until I go I will still work.


Dungeons page[edit source]

I created dungeons page for you. You just need to add Voh, Mansoin of silver coins and wild towers. Its too hard for me becuse I am newbie.

Jonpas 10:47, 24 July 2009 (UTC)

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