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Characters with [VGM] in front of them are Volunteer Game Masters, who volunteer to help keep the game running smoothly and maintain a nice environment. Their jobs are many and include reporting spammers, bugs, nuker spots, player conduct and any other special events that may occur. VGMs play with high level characters and have a number of skills unique to the VGM characters. Attacking a VGM is highly discouraged. Doing so will result in a stun, and if continued, a lethal poison. A player will not be able to kill a VGM unless the VGM lets them, due to the high level of a VGM character, the skills they can employ and often, the amount of korean ginseng they have in their bags.


This skill knocks a player unconscious for 10 seconds, stopping them from moving their character or camera. Often used as a caution, this allows a VGM to stop what a player is doing, advise them to change their behaviour and administer warnings of further action that will be taken if the behaviour is not stopped. Stuns may be given out for many things, namely attacking a VGM.

Lethal Poison[]

This skill instantly kills a player, regardless of whether it is a PvP or PvE map. Rarely used by VGMs, this results in a players loss of experience, karma and blood count, much like if they had been killed by a mob. This is used when a player repeatedly attacks a VGM after ignoring warnings, or in other cases where the VGM in question feels a lethal poison is warranted.