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There is a group of NPCs who are usally present in every village.
Although the names are different, the appearence of each type of village NPC is identical.


Doctors sell treatments and offer healing of External and Internal wounds at a price of 1 gold per 2 wound points.

Couriers Guild[]

The storagekeepers of the Couriers Guild provide access to a player character's storage.


The seamstresses sell clothes and provide repair services for weapons and clothes.

  • There is no Drapery in Hefei.

General Store[]

The shopkeepers of the general stores sell keys and sachets, as well as ornaments and the combining tool that is required for applying ornaments.
Depending on the location, they also sell Chi Kung Supplements for the following clans:

The Hefei General Store also sells refinement material for level 1 and 2 refinement.


The hermits sell a type of buff called Cavity Press and also a Buff that works like Conqueror's Herb for 1 hour.


The innkeepers let you check in so you can revive at the inn.

  • There is no inn in Hefei.
  • The Keeper of Bloody Plain NPCs in the Bloody Plain Safety Zones offer the same service.

Martial School[]

The sifus are the operators of the Martial Schools in the starter maps. They are not present on any 2nd or higher level map.
They sell Vagabond Kung Fu skills for the clan weapons and the Revealing Hand Maneuver skill.
Near the Sifus, there are training grounds for Kung Fu and Chi Kung.


The peddlers in the starter maps sell clan decos.
The peddler in Hefei (labeled Wandering Merchant) sells Party Quest scrolls.


Blacksmiths sell weapons and provide repair services for weapons and clothes.

  • There is no Smithy in Hefei.


The tavern managers sell food and liquor.
They also sell the Chi Kung Supplements for The Brotherhood of Thieves.

  • There is no tavern in Xinnan village in Shi Zhang