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White Clans are clans that, when offered to ally with the Emperor, chose to do so. The White clans motives and morals are generally better (in terms of alignment) then the Black Clans, although The League of Beggars would not be a White clan if based on that criteria. The Iron Fist are often considered as a White clan, though details about the Advanced clans are not currently known.


The clans classed as White are as follows:

  • Shaolin - Believe in peace and harmony. - Located on Song Shan Mountain, in Zhongyuan Province.
  • Wu Tang - Believe in inner balance ie. Ying and Yan. - Located on Tianzhu Peak, in Hubei Province.
  • The League of Beggars - Believe in sharing and peace amongst beggars. - Located in Tianjin City, Huabei Province.