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The world map is a map of Ancient China, and all of the maps therein are named after various provinces in China. It shows all of the maps in 9Dragons as well as how they are connected. It may be opened by clicking on the globe icon at the bottom of the Minimap or by hitting the N key.

When you click on a map name, that map is shows on the left hand side of the screen, and the names of all connected maps glow.

A map of Ancient China, as seen in the world of 9Dragons. The player is currenly in Nanchang (indicated by the yellow arrow). He is looking at North Sea Icy Palace which has its minimap shows in the top left. Liaodong is highlighted to indicate that it is connected to North Sea Icy Palace.

The names of the maps depend of whether it belongs to a Black Clan or a White Clan.
White Clan maps are shown in Blue.
Black Clan maps are shown in Red.
Neutral Maps are shown in Grey.
Disputed Maps are shown in Yellow.