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This page is about the Map Wu-Tang Shan. For the quest, please see Wu-Tang Shan (Quest)

Wu-Tang Shan is one of the starting, or 1st level maps in 9Dragons, and is home to the Wu-Tang Clan.
It is a White Clan map, and members of Black Clans cannot enter.

Points of Interest[]

  • Clan Contributions can be made near the "O" in "Zisu House"
  • The Senior White Tiger and Black Tortoise can be found at the Chi Kung Training Ground
  • The Senior Red Phoenix and Blue Dragon can be found around the Kung Fu Training Ground
  • The Role Change can be done by speaking to an NPC found near the "O" in "Training Ground"
  • The Knife of White Shadows Miniboss can be found south of Dayun Hill, Pond of Clarity, and near the Zhengzhou exit.
  • New players will start in Baiyun Village

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